About us

Ursidi is a Belgian family company founded in 2013 by Roland Beerens and Ann Heyndrickx and now their two sons Glenn and Dylan also work in the company.

Ursidi sells its products exclusively through the better home decoration shops in Benelux, Great Britain, Ireland and Germany. The collection of voile curtains, sheers and room-high curtain fabrics has since been expanded to include more exclusive fabrics (Grizzly collection ) and upholstery fabrics (Clochard collection ).

The company follows trends in home fashion but above all strives to produce timeless classics, while at the same time we are also paying increasing attention to developing more environmentally friendly products. For several years now, Ursidi has only operated on renewable energy. The collection also includes more and more fabrics in natural or recycled yarns, with production taking place locally or at least within Europe as much as possible. This limits transport and the fabrics are produced according to strict European environmental standards.

Only fabrics meeting the highest quality standards are used. This applies to colourfastness, lightfastness and shrinkage tolerance.


With Ursidi, you choose the best price/quality ratio.

 New building Ursidi in a sustainable energy concept



In the business park De Vlaamse Staak, where Ursidi is currently having a new building constructed, extra attention was paid to the sustainability aspect, both for the environment and for residents. Thus, a collective water management system was developed for the business park.

As a sustainable business, Ursidi will also connect to the innovative heat network. This system enables the exchange of energy (surpluses) between the established companies within the business zone, where only renewable energy will be used.